Pictures Before Restoration


Originally, I had planned to make my 68 Charger a General Lee replica - this was back in 2004, long before the recent film. ( I have changed my mind now - too many GL's about - and one of my friends has probably the best GL in the UK).

OK - it is a 1968 318 (5.2 L) 3 speed auto. It was the standard model, with console shift, and aircon.



Local friends and their chargers :)

Guess I am lucky that both Phill440 and Kiwi only live 2 mins up the road from me

A couple of pics here when they were passing...




Disaster Strikes!!!

I was doing 70 when the wheel came off - left a nice scrape about 100 yards long in the road....

Non powered drums all round - trying to stop with only 3 wheels - brown trousers time!

But thankfully Phill, Simon(74Dartsport aka Petty) and Ed were there to help me get my wheel back out of the middle of the A419..