Restoration Progress

(part 1)


The restoration came about, because (to cut a long story short) the rear nearside wheel came off at 70 mph.

Originally I was simply going to get the damage repaired, but once I saw that a lot of the car body work was rust (covered over with a substantial amount of filler) I decided a full on resto was in order.

So it started in May 2004 - and should have only taken a year - but unfortunately I picked the wrong company to do the work, and it has been a nightmare since! (A very expensive nightmare). My advice (unlike me) would be to always get recommendations if you are going to get your car restored, and not simply look at big fancy adverts in well known car mags!!



OK - no descriptions here - but the pictures are in order. I had to have the car stripped, then new rear quarters, trunk floor (including extensions), wheel arches, sills, floor pans etc.


















All the above work was carried out by American Car Services in Kent - (who are now closed).


Pics below are of my car - in the condition it arrived from American Car Services.




I was very disappointed - the interior is full of all the old parts, the engine is in bits (even though I had paid for it to be rebuilt) the floor pans are showing surface rust, my once new seats, have just been dumped in, hole in transmission tunnel (see arrow) , trans leaking fluid into trunk floor and a few other niggles. Again, a good reason to choose your car restorer wisely.

At this point I have paid in excess of 20K - it was a once in a lifetime thing for me, and has been ruined by picking the wrong person to do the job.

All is not lost, as thankfully I have good friends through the MMA who will help where they can (rebuilding engine and trans for me).

Other than that I have a mountain to climb raising cash to sort this mess out.


My car is now at JPC Auto Refinishing - a reputable company that have restored many cars that went on to win awards - so at least I have peace of mind now. Just need cash!